Be my guest


Be my guest, put my service to the test
[SOMNIUM] – Cultist’s Crown
THIRST Max Chino Shorts @ ManCave
NOCHE.Garter Socks Essentials

Decor (if ever you’re in need of candles):
MADRAS Divya Hanging Candle
BackBone Display Mannequin
Raindale – Cranbourne candles
BackBone Bondage Rack
Tuesdays Medium & Tall Chub Candle
Fancy Decor: Candle Lantern
Apple Fall West Village Store Podium
Apple Fall Plant Stand
Raindale – Riverbreak candle (scattered across the floor)
JIAN Caged Candles
Tuesdays Skinny Chub Candle
Tuesdays Caged Candles – Fat
K&S – // Photobooth with drapery

Nipple tasslels

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