Blogger Policy

Dear Designer/Content Creator,

Thank you for taking a deeper interest in my blog. If you are interested in sponsoring it with your items, first off let me thank you for your time and inventory and assure you that your item(s) will find a place in my posts. Below you will find a set of guideline of the services this blog has to offer:

1. Expectations: Set them. It’s important for me to know we are on the same page to sustain a healthy cooperation.

2. Events: I keep current with most male dedicated/inclusive events but I do not know all you might participate in. If your item is part of an event, let me know the event Name and prefered blogging schedule (before, during or after the event).

3. Cadences: I blog whenever inspiration strikes. If you have specific promotional needs, please make them known upfront, so that I can accomodate.

4. Furniture: There’s nothing I love more than a decoration project, and I always love a challenge.

Lastly, I would like to thank you for your consideration and look forward to working with you.

Kindest regards,