Florals for Sping… Groundbreaking


A designer review is long overdue so with this i give you a double feature, Doctor X will build a creature… :

1. Volkstone has been at the top of their game with their latest releases. They caught my eye with the Korey set and it’s been trips to their store and event booths ever since. Their product portfolio is versatility digitally personified so there’s a find for all styles and preferences – I encourage you to test things out, layer things out (BOM is awesome like that) and let these products further enrich your style. I only wish they made the Dimitri staches in a no beard version (Dear Santa…).

2. My new skin obsession: Stephano from [avarosa], currently available at the Skin Fair (South). My current face and overall appearance has been the product of the comfort found in my go to designer (Clef de Peau) for all things skin. Also Volkstone haircare products have made even shorter work of that. But Stephano pulled me in like a circle of iele dancing in the middle of a forest clearing. The detail of this skin is stunning, all features beautifully accentuated, the pores and then the lips, oh lord those lips had me at, well whatever lips can have you at. They’re just so lush and detailed that i had to have this face.
I’ll be alternating between CdP’s Stuart and Stephano for the coming posts. And Stephano is an absolute treat.

Now, for the ambiance. And the the details:

LeLUTKA Skyler Head + Eyes + HD Brows + Teeth + Freckles
MONS Septum Ring
[avarosa] Stephano Skin
Volkstone Javier Hairbase
Volkstone Korey Facial Hair
Modulus – Kanoa Hair
Tableau Vivant \ Black Flower Crown
toksik – Pathos Blouse

Background and Projector overlay by https://wallpaperaccess.com/

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